6-string Bass 7th-chord Arpeggios

The other night on the gig, I was muddling through the usual way and thinking "what happened to all that stuff I've been practicing at the last two weeks?" Suddenly, some time in the second set it just...dropped into my brain. It was like the moment in The Wizard of Oz where it went from black and white to color. It wasn't "remembering" per se, but a sensation more like being present at the formation of a synapse. Totally made my night! This is what I'd been messing with: 
These can be hard to print off this page, so anybody who likes these may feel free to e me and I'll email you back the Jpegs. Also my at my old website (for the moment), www.countjockula.com you can buy The Big Ol' (USEFUL) Book of Scales and Arpeggios, which is also volume 3 of The Electric Bass Book. It's for 4-string basses, but the ideas there can be applied to 6-string easily enough.